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Waste Management

Skinner Bros. provide bins for oilfield ,construction and industrial waste. Camps, rigs, plants and pipelines.

Our waste bins come with or without lids depending on need and project. We provide temporary or permanent containers for all work sites and jobs.

Disposal Contacts

Dispatch: 250-774-6691

Our trucks incorporate a Hooklift system, which means that our bins will fit almost anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions:

What area do you service?

Fort Nelson, North Eastern British Colombia Area

What size of bins are available?
We have various bins available for various jobs. This is a list of the most common bins we have;

8 yard garbage/camp bins

10 yard construction bins

15 yard construction bins

20 yard construction bins

20 yard scrap steel bins

30 yard construction bins

30 yard garbage/camp bins

30 yard enviro bins

40 yard construction bins

**If the bin you are looking for is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.**

How high can the bin be loaded?
Level with the top of the bin.

How much notice do you need to order the bin?
At least 24 hours.

What materials will you take?
We will dispose of most non-hazardous materials such as construction debris, demolition or renovation debris, camp garbage, plant construction waste, yard trimmings, household junk, appliances, furniture, scrap metal, dirt, sod, rocks, gravel, cement, and any odds and ends.

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